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Antique American Folk Art
Antique American Folk Art > 48 STATES 1950s TABLECLOTH





"After the end of the Second World War, two things—a car and time off from work—allowed families to take to the roads and see America on their vacations. And along the highways that crisscrossed the country were businesses set up to reap the economic benefits: namely gas stations, roadside cafes and motels. In the lobby or office of each of these establishments were shelves and displays chocked full of tourist-targeted stuff to remind them of their trips. Some of the most popular souvenirs were state-specific linens such as tablecloths, towels, aprons and hankies. Those souvenir linens purchased in the late 1940s and 1950s are collectible today. ASK ABOUT THE VARIOUS STATE TABLECLOTHS IN INVENTORY, AS WELL AS THE DOZENS OF FLORAL AND PICTORIAL EXAMPLES WE HAVE, AMNY WITH ORIGINAL LABELS. DURABLE, COLORFUL, AND NOSTALGIC.

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