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Choose an historic gift for the British-American couple about to marry, in addition to the charitable contribution they suggest? How about an antique quilt, a jacquard coverlet, a textile or hooked rug that has an English-American connection? An antique's visual appeal and historic back story, having originated during the 19th or 20th century, make such a choice a most meaningful gift for this or any modern couple. 
In the case of Laura Fisher's FISHER HERITAGE gallery, it would continue a tradition of providing an antique American gift for English royalty that began with Prince Charles. He chose as a wedding gift a jacquard coverlet with a political inscription block related to the time of his favorite king George III (and at same time chose a Princess Feather quilt for Diana, and a Whig Rose quilt for another lady (Camilla, oh my my!)  Years later Wills and Kate received wedding and baby gifts from clients of Laura Fisher's shop also
So send them a hooked rug featuring a bold crown that had been created for the first North American visit of Queen Elizabeth? 
Or antique 10' long shawls in Scottish tartans and in authentic paisleys, lovely to drape or wear. Either type is familiar adorning royalty in myriad English period portraits
Or choose from mid 19th century jacquard double weave coverlets created by British weavers who emigrated to New York State, settled New Britain, and developed their trade here, the output of which we continue to admire - and easily use - 170-ish years later. 
In addition to American quilts, Fisher also carries English quilts, English ‘Marseilles’ white woven bedspreads, and hand knit bedspreads beloved by Englishwomen. Still other suitable choices are pictorial, geometric or floral rugs hooked in Canada where Meghan worked.
Other choices could be:
* a trapunto white work quilt, sometimes referred to as a bridal quilt, significant, historic,rare and varied in motifs among Fisher's inventory choices; 
* a Lady of the Lake c. 187 pieced quilt embellished with applique hearts;
* an unusual pictorial silk quilt made with English tobacco premiums of famous actresses of the era
* several examples to choose from of the bold pattern called Trip Around the World in which postage stamp size squares were orchestrated to convey concentric colorways 
* several examples of the lovely pattern called Grandmother's Flower Garden,  pieced quilts that were a favorite in the 1930s, including a lovely pastel Amish example 
Please consult the website for all kinds of appropriate possibilities, then email or phone for help with your choice. 
International shipping will be arranged