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AUTUMN IN NEW YORK IN COLOR: FISHER HERITAGE's Seasonal Bounty of Quilts, Rugs, Coverlets

Autumn in New York comes in vivid color in all our new parks and also at Laura Fisher’s FISHER HERITAGE.
The colors that emerge in the landscape as the season changes can be yours year round if you add 19th century antique quilts, hooked rugs, and coverlets to your design mix.

The bronzes, russets, golds and earth tones of the season were prevalent in cotton and wool fabrics of the last half of the 1800s both for home and for self. Especially from the 1860s on, the palette seen outside the window by September become a favored one in handmade quilts, and is a way to help determine age and sometimes origin even if no provenance accompanies the textile. As so many hooked rugs were made using scrap textiles left over from making household goods, the tonality of the rugs reflects that trend as well.

Among the colorful pieces available are:

Double Cornucopia hooked rug, a brilliantly colored, finely hooked example from Maine 

Leaf motif hooked rugs that whimsically convey the seasonal change of leaves dropping to the ground 

Mennonite quilts in rich solid colors of cheddar, chocolate brown, pine green, deep red, a particular palette favored by Pennsylvania quilters of 1880s-90s 

Log Cabin variation pieced quilts in fine wool challis or cottons with an abundance of rich earth tones 

Biederwand coverlets in russet, green and natural, 

Overshot coverlets in uncommon colors of cinnamon, orange, olive - eye catching departures from the traditional indigo