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"TEXTILES" - Quilts and Coverlets at Chelsea's Edward Thorp Gallery

Just at the moment I finished moving down to Chelsea, renowned  fine arts gallerist Edward Thorp called to invite me to help put together an exhibition of antique quilts and coverlets from the 19th and 20th centuries in his spacious gallery at 210 Eleventh Avenue. What a welcome to the neighborhood!

Now through June 7, 2014, come see a visually fulfilling exhibition of some two dozen quilts and coverlets, seen to great advantage in his great gallery. Thorp is the only fine arts gallerist to host such a show featuring quilts in probably 30-40 years in NYC. On view are unique examples and classics from all over the country, including a monumental Compass Star, Amish Diamond in the Square, Amish Bars, X Chevron; 19th century Carpenter's Wheel, Triple Blossom Applique, indigo Oak Leaf with Swag Border, Delectable Mountains, Flags of the Nations of the World that Exhibited at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, and more. Contact Thorp at 212/691-6565 for more information. Exhibition hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 6. The cross street is 25th Street on Eleventh Avenue, flag out front says the Art Building.