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FOR THE MARITAL BED NO MATTER WHO'S IN IT: Antique Quilts for New Era Newlyweds

          In the field of love and the institution of marriage, remarkable changes have occurred thanks to public opinion and now the Supreme Court. But one thing remains constant no matter who marries who – how meaningful the wedding gift of an antique quilt can be.

While it’s a treat to find a quilt accompanied by a family history – perhaps a note attached indicating a quilt was made as a wedding gift or contains fabric from wedding attire - most antique quilts on the market are anonymous. But even without identifying the maker, an antique or vintage quilt’s fabrics, pattern and workmanship impart distinct qualities to cherish.

FISHER HERITAGE offers a great collection of antique and vintage pieced quilts that any happy couple could use on the bed as originally intended or use decoratively around the home.  Gender neutral choices, as well as some that are very pink or very blue, are among the fresh historic quilts available. Examples are either pieced of solid color fabrics or with a myriad of period prints in appealing colors and patterns.The quilts date from the 1880s through the 1950s. Geometric patterns include allover designs such as Log Cabin, Trip Around The World, Flying Geese or Philadelphia Pavement, and also designs in which  pieced blocks alternate with solid squares to showcase quilting such as Burgoyne Surrounded, Hole in the Barn Door, Bears Paw and other titles.

We offer gift certificates so the couple can choose their own quilt if the giver prefers to let them make the selection, and also have a layaway plan to hold the choice until the anticipated event.