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To herald the advent of the new and hopefully peaceful year, treat your senses to a luxurious antique silk or velvet quilt from our diverse collection. To see some of our inventory, click on the SPECIALTY QUILTS category, then click on SILK QUILTS. 

A jewel tone, intricately pieced antique quilt offers a tactile and visual experience as well as an historic context. Thanks to the increasing wealth and urbanity of a growing American middle class in the late 19th century, velvet and silk materials were available to fashion into decorative ‘show’ quilts. Because few quilters today work with these luxury fabrics, our antique examples are sought after for the era’s aesthetic characteristics, including the sumptuousness of the materials, their lustrous depth of color, the Victorian embellishments and yes, especially their sexy allure.The traditional ‘crazy’ quilt style - the trend during the Victorian era - is just one type of ‘show’ quilt we offer. Harder to find are the velvets and silks that were pieced in inventive designs, some with a bonus of lavish embroidery,and just wonderful to display.
Costly velvet and silk materials have an international history long associated with wealth and royalty. Velvet, one of the oldest fabrics extant, originated in Kashmir in the 14th century; was marketed to the Middle East; later flourished in Cairo, then migrated to Italy where still today its manufacture exemplifies that country’s great textile tradition. Silk production originated in China thousands of years ago, travelled to Europe with the opening of the Silk Road, and is now produced around the globe. Most of out examples are from the late Victorian era.